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About Us

Sentry Industries is a privately owned business that started in 1963. Sentry’s original product line consisted of film, photo accessories, blank reel-to-reel, as well as prerecorded reel-to-­reel. As Sentry grew, the company began to market new products, such as it own line of four and eight track prerecorded tapes and tape players. When Philips first introduced the cassette format, Sentry Industries was the second company in the United States to sell cassettes.

In 1965, Sentry was bought by Berkey Photo and operated within the Keystone Camera Group, supplying electronics, photo and music industries throughout the United States .

In 1970, Sentry was re-acquired. At that time the company primarily sold pre-recorded tapes, tape player and car audio stereos. The Sentry brand of tape accessories was sold throughout the United States and export sales were successful worldwide.

In 1984, the company moved into other product lines. The first group of headphones brought into the line were three promotional models. At this time the accessories line was greatly expanded.

Since then Sentry has become one of the most recognized suppliers in the United States , marketing over twenty different types of promotional and mid-priced headphones, as well as numerous accessories. Outstanding packaging and our exclusive product design has become Sentry’s trademark

In 1991, Sentry began developing a highly successful line of calculators that grew from three to twenty-five models. Sentry calculators are now sold through various types of retail outlets and generate strong back to school sales.

The company’s goal has been to offer a diversified line of highly promotable mass market products. Throughout the 90’s the company expanded its line to include clock radios, small electronics, and products for dollar stores. Sentry has continued to achieve growth by expanding into CD products, storage and other innovative personal electronic products.

New products have been taken on and new innovative marketing strategies have been implemented improving the quality of goods. This improvement in the quality of the goods met rave reviews at the 2005 International Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas . The product line is still expanding and now consists of over 200 items, in categories such as headphones, calculators, clocks, clock radios, flashlights, watches, CD/DVD storage and cleaners, toy items, key chains, and other assorted dollar goods.

Sentry Industries supplies products to all avenues of the retail industry, including Dollar Stores, Single Outlet Stores, Mass Merchants, Department Stores, Truck Stops, Supermarkets, Drug Stores, Catalogs, and Distributors.