unidirectional microphone

Never miss a decisive moment when gaming. Our enhance microphone will pick up your voice over any background noise. The attached unit has a volume control and a mute button. 

Built-In Mute Button

When in-game, an open microphone can be very annoying. In case you need to quickly mute yourself, The GX100 comes fitted with an on-board mute button.


During the heat of battle, you can feel confident that your control buttons will always work. Simply roll the wheel down or up to raise or lower the volume. 

Light Weight Design

When a microphone is placed on a 3.5mm cord it tends to be heavy. Our microphone is made of ultra light materials that will make you forget its even attached. 



Outside noise can distract you when the game is on the line. The GX100’s noise isolation ear-pads will block out the noise, keeping you focused on the game.

Simulated Surround Sound

Hearing individual sounds can be key to gaming, You could win or lose because of a low volume footstep behind you. Simulated Surround Sound will give you the edge in those close games.

Ultra Comfort Earpads

Long gaming sessions can put a strain on the ears and head. Our ultra-comfortable ear pads will alleviate the pains allowing you to continue gaming in relief..

Dynamic Drivers

The GX100 has been designed with 40mm neodymium drivers, giving you the cinematic experience while in the comfort of your home.  

Quick Contact

In case of a problem, feel free to contact us at (845)-753-2910.