premium comfort earpads

Professional Sound Quality

Our Pro Audio Series full-size headphones are designed to give you a studio experience for a quality price. We have redesigned our standard drivers to deliver a professional quality sound.

Premium Comfort earpads

Each headphone is fitted with High-Performance Studio Grade Earpads created for an ultra comfortable feel while you are listening to your music. The adjustable cushioned headband will give you the perfect fit you are looking for. 



Experience life without wires tying you down. With Bluetooth 4.2 Technology,  you can move around in freedom while listening to your favorite tracks with a range of approx 30ft. Adaptable to any device that is transmitting in Bluetooth, you will wonder how you lived attached to a wire. 

built in microphone

All-Pro Series headphones are equipped with a built-in hands-free microphone. Whenever you receive a phone call, simply press the phone symbol on the headset and you will be instantly connected to your caller. approx 30ft. Adaptable to any device that is transmitting in Bluetooth.

Quick Contact

In case of a problem, feel free to contact us at (845)-753-2910.