Sentry Industries continues to be a market leader and

A pioneer of innovative technologies into consumer

electronics. Sentry strives to provide unmatched value

in each of our products. For over half a century, Sentry 

have delivered quality consumer electronics

that customers always enjoy.

Sentry Industries has been in business for over 50 years.

Sentry Industries has been in business for over 50 years.


Sentry Industries has been developing and

perfecting our line of headphones for decades.

Countless hours of R&D ensure that your only concern

is enjoying our products. From rocking through your

workout with our headphones to listening to your

favorite song, Sentry Industries has you covered when it

comes to quality headphones that make life more


Professional Package Design

Each product package is designed by our in-house design team

of highly skilled artists. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of trends

and providing the customer with engaging package designs.

Wireless Connection

Enjoy Your Music Without Wires

Responsive Controls

Skip Between Tracks On Your Device Or On The Headphones


Sentry Industries Offers multiple design options for our headphones.

All black and white isn’t your style? Take a view at our gold and rose gold.

Our color pallets provide the colors customers want.


Quality Materials

Our headphones are made with professional grade components that offer our

listeners a quality sound experience. Each product goes through extensive

hands-on control and testing to ensure customer satisfaction.

Shipping And Logistics 

Sentry Industries has the capacity to handle the volume our customers demand.

Our New York based warehouse and office building is staffed to take and deliver orders

of every size, big and small. Our logistics team ensures that your order is always on time.


Our technical support team is here to assist and guide you through any complications or troubles. please visit our FAQ page to browse information regarding your product. You can search by item number or product type. For further assistance contact us at

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